When you join MTN as a Contract Customer you take out a 24 month contract with MTN. This contract then runs for 24 months. From month 21 your contract becomes due for a renewal which means you can now Upgrade your phone and your contract.

You become eligible for an Upgrade from month 21 onwards.

To check if you are due for an Upgrade simply complete the Upgrade enquiry form on the upgrade link and one of our consultants will check your upgrade date for you.

• You receive a new cellphone of your choice on MTN’s new value based price plans that you feel best suits your cellular spend needs • When upgrading, you retain your cell number, no credit checks are needed and you have a wide choice of the latest cellphones to choose from.

Once you have chosen your contract package plan, please complete the short enquiry form and one of our consultants will call you to assist you with the latest handset, modem and sim only deals available

Step 1 Check if you qualify for an upgrade by completing the upgrade enquiry form. Hit Submit and an agent will shortly let you know whether you qualify and IF NOT you will receive the future date when you will qualify. Step 2 If you Qualify for the Upgrade, check out the latest price plans and handsets offers. Select one of these offers based on your current spend and handset preference. Once you have selected the best MTN Price Plan and Handset offer you can upgrade by either: • Visiting your nearest MTN Store OR • Requesting one of our Upgrade Consultants to contact you for an appointment Migration within price plans that is if you move one up or one down from your existing price plan at the time of upgrade, this price plan migration is free of charge! Step 3 If you have decided to upgrade in-store, use our store locator to find your nearest MTN store Step 4 When speaking to your MTN in-store Consultant please do enquire about MTN Value Added Services such as, Itemised Billing, receiving your cellular bill statements via e-mail, data, sms bundles and insurance. Step 5 When in-store or when speaking to the Upgrade Consultant, for your own protection, you will need to provide proof of your identity. You will be offered options on your current MTN Price Plans. Discuss your possible migration and Value-Added Services now. Please take note of the Terms and Conditions in the subscriber form you sign. If upgrading at a MTN Store, you will receive your new cellphone immediately, subject to stock availability. All Upgrades are subject to stock availability and MTNSP approval. You will be informed of stock availability at the time of upgrading. Thank You for being a loyal MTN Customer