What does RICA mean to you?

RICA or the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act is a new law that has been passed by the South African government that makes it compulsory for everyone to register all new and existing cellphone numbers.

RICA affects everyone. It affects Customers on all the cellular networks in South Africa, all existing and prospective MTN Pay As You Go and Contract customers and any person selling MTN Pay As You Go starterpacks and Contract packages.

With RICA in effect, all new SIM cards will only be activated once they have been registered.

All cellphone numbers already in use will have to be registered before the end of January 2011, after which they will be deactivated.

Where can I register?

You can register your cellphone number for RICA wherever you can buy an MTN PayAsYouGo starter pack or get an MTN TopUp or MTN AnyTime contract e.g. MTN Retailers, MTN Branded stores, MTN Zoners etc.

What do I need to register?

For all new MTN Pay As You Go starter packs and Contracts, Customers will have to ensure that their SIM card is registered by a RICA Officer at all stores that sell MTN Pay As You Go starterpacks or Contracts before the SIM card can be activated. To register, you will have to provide the RICA Officer with the following when you buy a starterpack:

  • Your full Name and Surname
  • Your South African ID book
  • Your Cellphone number or starterpack number
  • Proof of residential or employment address, using current utility bill or a recent bank statement or other acceptable documentation

For all cellphone numbers already in use before the 1st of July, Customers have to visit any MTN Branded, Retail store or their cellular service providers’ store, and provide the RICA officer there with the same information as above.

If a minor (persons under 18 years of age) purchases a starterpack the parent or guardian of the minor shall register the SIM under their identification documentation.

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